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In today's usage the term describes elaborately decorated cavalry armour: helmets with face masks, ornamented cover flaps on the suits of armour and mail shirts, greaves, shield bosses, and the armour covering the horses' heads.

The ancient literary tract about the cavalry from Arrianus in the first third of the 2nd century is consulted as a source.

The armour was worn by two groups in competitions. The elaborate decorations illustrate Hercules and the goddess Minerva. Images of dolphins, snakes, or Ganymede indicate the existence of a death cult and worship of the dead.

"Paraderüstung", Limes-Lexikon 2009, 105f.

Cavalry mask belonging to parade armour from Fort Stockstadt
1 Cavalry mask belonging to parade armour from Fort Stockstadt © Museen der Stadt Aschaffenburg

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