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Niedernberg is located where the Odenwald meets the Lower Main plain. The historic centre contains carefully restored tmber frame buildings. They illustrate the history of the town which has expanded tremendously in the last decades.
The Main bridge, opened in 2001, and the connection to the Autobahn make Niedernberg attractive for small-to-medium-sized companies. The Niedernberg Lakes, a recreation area of lakes with swimming areas, is in the south of the town.

Region: Obergermanischer Limes

Roman Period

A cohort was stationed in antique Niedernberg. Its function was to control the areas where the Leidersbach and the Altenbach flowed into the Main at what is now Markt Sulzbach. Placed near to the Main bank, the praetorian front was oriented to the flow of the river. The modern Hauptstraße approximates the "via principalis", main road. The site of the Roman wall is marked on the ground in front of the Rathaus.
The most important find is a fountain shaped in the form of Silenus' head. This is on display in the Stiftsmuseum Aschaffenburg (Fig. see Link to Fort Niedernberg, left column).


Gemeinde Niedernberg am Main

Historical centre, Niedernberg, aerial photograph
St. Cyriakus, Niedernberg
Passage to the Main, Niedernberg
1 Historical centre, Niedernberg, aerial photograph © Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, München 2 St. Cyriakus, Niedernberg © Boundary Productions, Photo Eric Dobat 3 Passage to the Main, Niedernberg © Photo Eva Kuttner, Linz

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