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Wörth am Main

Wörth am Main is located in a thickly wooded region of the nature park "Bayerischer Odenwald" and has many hiking trails. The Martinskapelle chapel was founded by the Franconians and was a missionary centre for the Odenwald region. The Catholic parish church contains an altar from 1485. The shipping museum, das Schiffsbau- und Schifffahrtsmuseum, is in the former St. Wolfgang church. It presents the historic development of shipping on the Main.

Region: Obergermanischer Limes

Roman Period

Until 150 AD the Main Limes (older Main line) ended here and the Limes continued in the Odenwald. In the numerus fort north of the centre of Wörth troops were stationed to control the strategically important sites.


Stadtgemeinde Wörth am Main

The Main at Wörth, Erlenbach shipyard
Bürgerhaus, Alten Rathaus, Wörth am Main
1 The Main at Wörth, Erlenbach shipyard © Photo Eva Kuttner, Linz 2 Bürgerhaus, Alten Rathaus, Wörth am Main © Photo Eva Kuttner, Linz

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