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The medieval Clingenburg gave the town at the right bank of the Main its name. The historic town lies below the castle with vineyards and is a tourist attraction at the lower Main.
Trennfurt , with a Roman fort, is located at the left bank of the Main and is first documented in 1253. In 1976, as a result of the communal reforms, Trennfurt became a part of Klingenberg.

Region: Obergermanischer Limes

Roman Period

The numerus fort was located on what is still an unbuilt area west of "Am Bahndamm". It could hold up to 160 Roman soldiers. The wood-cutting troops were stationed here: The natural ressources of the forests covered the huge need for timber for the construction of buildings and ships. The timber was floated down the Main to the legionary fortress in Mainz.


Stadtgemeinde Klingenberg

View of Trennfurt from Klingenberg
Power plant, Trennfurt
Site of the numerus fort Trennfurt
1 View of Trennfurt from Klingenberg © Boundary Productions, Photo Eric Dobat 2 Power plant, Trennfurt © Photo Eva Kuttner, Linz 3 Site of the numerus fort Trennfurt © Boundary Productions, Photo Eric Dobat

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