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Bürgstadt has especially good geographic and geological conditions for the cultivation of wine grapes, which was begun in the Middle Ages. The village in the tourist region "Churfranken" has an attractive Old Town centre where markets and festivities regularly take place. There are many hiking paths here, such as the cultural walk in the UNESCO-Geopark at Wanneberg.

Region: Obergermanischer Limes

Roman Period

The area around the Mainknie at Miltenberg became strategically important around 160 AD. The Upper German Limes left the Main here, and moved south towards Lorch, at the border to the province Raetia.
Two forts, the cohort fort Miltenberg-Altstadt and the numerus fort Miltenberg-Bürgstadt, ("Miltenberg-Ost" in older archaeological reports) formed the external control points.
The numerus fort by Bürgstadt served to protect the start of the southern Limes. In its vicus pottery kilns were found that can now be visited in the elderly housing building of Pflegeheim Maria Regina.


Markt Bürgstadt

Bürgstadt, Tourist Information

The Main at Bürgstadt with a dock for ships
Cultivation of wine grapes at Bürgstadt
1 The Main at Bürgstadt with a dock for ships © Boundary Productions, Photo Eric Dobat 2 Cultivation of wine grapes at Bürgstadt © Boundary Productions, Photo Eric Dobat

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