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The Freie Kreisstadt Aschaffenburg lies at the Main and Aschaff rivers. Since the beginning of industrialisation, Aschaffenburg has also been an economic centre of Lower Franconia. The most northern Kreistadt (county seat) of Bavaria, Aschaffenburg is a school centre and university city. Many theatres, the Stadthalle at the castle, and diverse museums enhance the city's cultural life.

Roman Period

A post-Roman settlement, the Alamannic "Ascapha" was located on the Stadtberg of Aschaffenburg. The Pompejanum reconstruction of the "House of Castor and Pollux" (Casa dei Dioscuri) in Pompeii conveys an impression of Italian lifestyle in the 1st century. This model of a Roman villa was built under King Ludwig I of Bavaria by the architect Friedrich von Gärtner from 1840-1848. The Pompejanum suffered serious war damage, but was rebuilt in 1994. The many artefacts convey an impression of 1st century life in a Roman villa


Stadt Aschaffenburg

Museen der Stadt Aschaffenburg

Pompejanum, Aschaffenburg

Stadtberg, Aschaffenburg
Schloss Johannisburg
1 Stadtberg, Aschaffenburg © Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, München 2 Schloss Johannisburg © Photo Eva Kuttner, Linz

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