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Hanau lies at the point where the Kinzig river flows into the Main and is known as the birthplace of the Grimm brothers. Every summer there are Grimm Brother fairy tale enactments. The "German Fairy Tale Road" also begins here. Festivities and markets keep the city centre busy. The six city sectors reflect the history of the area. In the sector Steinheim, the museum in Schloss Steinheim presents the regional pre- and early history.

Region: Obergermanischer Limes

Roman Period

The region around Hanau was of strategic importance in Roman times due to its location at the mouth of the Kinzig, at the Mainknie. Two forts were discovered in Kesselstadt. The elder fort was built around 88 AD and the second in Salisberg around 100 AD. The fort bath was excavated in the old Kesselstadter Friedhof. Its walls are still visible.
Below the current centre of Kesselstadt there was a c. 14 ha large marching camp that was only temporarily used.


Stadt Hanau

Square with timber-framed houses, Hanau-Steinheim
1 Square with timber-framed houses, Hanau-Steinheim © Photo Eva Kuttner, Linz

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