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Miltenberg am Main

The city Miltenberg at the Mainknie, first documented in 1237, lay at the important trade road from Nürnberg to Frankfurt. The cultivation of wine grapes, fishing, shipping, and timber and stone trade formed the area's economic basis. The well-preserved timber-framed houses are evidence of the wealth of the city that lay in the centre of the state of Mainz. It was not until the 17th century that the city began to lose importance.
Today, Miltenberg is a popular tourist attraction of the Main-Franconian region.

Region: Obergermanischer Limes

Roman Period

The area around the Mainknie at Miltenberg became strategically important around 160 AD. The Upper German Limes left the Main here, and moved south towards Lorch, at the border to the province Raetia.
Two forts, the cohort fort Miltenberg-Altstadt and the numerus fort Miltenberg-Bürgstadt, formed the external control points. Between the forts extensive vici have been found at the connecting roads. On the Greinberg two temples worshiped the god Mercury.


City of Miltenberg

Tourist Information Office Miltenberg

Mainschifffahrt Reederei Henneberger

Miltenberg am Main
Timber-framed buildings at "Schnatterloch", Miltenberg
1 Miltenberg am Main © Boundary Productions, Photo Eric Dobat 2 Timber-framed buildings at "Schnatterloch", Miltenberg © Boundary Productions, Photo Eric Dobat

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