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Beneficiarius station Obernburg

The beneficiarius station is located south of Fort Obernburg, at the beginning of the current Römerstraße.

The administrative buildings of a beneficiarius station with a dedication area lay along the Roman road from Obernburg to Fort Wörth. The complex was designed according to the Mediterranean style.

The stone building measured 18m x 30m and was supplemented by a timber-framed extension. In the centre of the building there was a rectangular courtyard enclosed by a colonade (peristyle) with a fountain. The front featured a portico, behind this were offices ("tabernae"), and living, cooking and cleaning quarters that were grouped around the courtyard.

A dedication area with 160 dedication stones was attached to the complex. The original location where 75 of these were displayed could be determined.

The unusual find is unique. The station was found in excellent condition thanks to the metre-high allluvial deposits coming from the nearby Stadtberg. In spite of the medieval to modern buildings above the site, the Roman levels are primarily intact.


Built around 140/144 AD. Changes made around 200 AD, violent destruction around 230/240 AD.


Category: beneficiarius station

Stone building 18m x 30m. Peristyle courtyard. Street features. Dedication area.

Current State: Römerstraße 6a, built over.

Monument Protection: Yes - UNESCO World Heritage Site, 2005

Research: The beneficiarius station was first discovered by construction workers in 1954. The Bavarian State Archaeological Collection excavated the site in 2000 (B. Steidl). The unique features and the enormous number of dedication altars, found in situ, make the site extraordinary.

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Beneficiarius station Obernburg, plan of the excavations 2000-2007
Find site of the beneficiarius station, Römerstraße 3
1 Beneficiarius station Obernburg, plan of the excavations 2000-2007 © Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, München 2 Find site of the beneficiarius station, Römerstraße 3 © Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, München

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