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Mithraeum II Stockstadt

The elder mithraeum was built into a slope behind "Villa Wirth", very close to the shore of the Main to the north of the fort.

The 11.5m x 6.5m large room had traces of a fire and was destroyed. The cult image was missing. This was usually displayed at the front of the room. After the fire the room was filled in and used as a waste pit. It is possible that the shrine was moved to a more secure site south of the southwestern fort corner and rebuilt as Mithraeum I.


Coin finds indicate construction after 157 AD, destroyed around 210 AD, at the earliest.


Category: mithraeum

Current State: built over

Monument Protection: Yes - UNESCO World Heritage Site, 2005

Research: Discovered and excavated 1909/1910

Schleiermacher 1928. Mattern 2005, 24f.

Bavarian State Conservation Office Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen & Bavarian State Archaeological Collection with the support of the Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung