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Statuette of Hercules Maliator

The remains of a statuette were found at an abandoned stone quarry. According to W. Conrady it was found together with an Apollo relief. The largest remaining piece consists of the feet of a standing figure and the remains of a club on a flat foundation. The club indicates that this is a statue of Hercules, who is also named in the inscription:

CIL 13, 06619

Although the stone appears to be an unimportant fragment, it provides evidence of a Roman quarry. The dedication to "Hercules Maliator" is connected to the craftsmen working in the quarries, the meliatores. The statuette, of which three other fragments exist, has been dated to the 2nd-3rd century.

Near the watchtower 400m north of Fort Wörth, in an abandoned stone quarry, found 1862. The location is described as "at the edge of the forest between Obernburg and Wörth" (Christ 1878, 42ff and 49; Lüdemann 2008, 65f.).

CSIR II/13, Nr. 186.


Lupa Nr. 6981

Fragments of a Hercules statuette
1 Fragments of a Hercules statuette © Römermuseum Obernburg

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