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Tile stamp

Many tiles are stamped with the manufacturer name. The stamp was made of clay or wood and was imprinted before the tile was burnt. The lettering on the stamp had a negative imprint - which didn't always work properly: while the first part of the script "COH IIII" is correct, "VIND" is printed backwards.

The distribution of the tiles can be determined by identifying the stamps. Tiles produced in Großkrotzenburg were used as far away as the Neuwied Becken at the border to the province Germania inferior, in the area around Mainz where the "legio XXVII" was stationed, and in the Wetterau.

Stamp of the "cohors IIII Vindelicorum", Museum Großkrotzenburg
Tile stamp, Museum Großkrotzenburg
1 Stamp of the "cohors IIII Vindelicorum", Museum Großkrotzenburg © Museum Großkrotzenburg 2 Tile stamp, Museum Großkrotzenburg © Museum Großkrotzenburg

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