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We have gained knowledge about the military units not only from pictorial sources, such as Trajan's column and many grave stones, but even more importantly through the finds themselves.

Countless pieces of armour have been found at the Main Limes: sword sheaths, beneficiarius emblems with pelta-shaped perforations, the silver discs of the Phalera, a military decoration, and sickle-shaped pendants that hung on harnesses.

Their weapons belonged to the soldiers, who cared for them well and made sure they weren't lost. After a soldier's death, or when a soldier left the military, the weapons were returned to the military and the soldier's beneficiaries were paid for their value. Weapons were often passed on to new owners several times.

Militaria from Fort Stockstadt
1 Militaria from Fort Stockstadt © Museen der Stadt Aschaffenburg

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