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Beneficiarius emblems

As visible proof of his position, the beneficiarius wore an emblem on his baldric, the "balteus". The beneficiarius was a soldier in a special service who was relieved of the daily duties of the military and enjoyed a higher ranking. He was not placed under the local commander where he was stationed, for example here in Obernburg, the "cohors IIII Aquitanorum".

The emblem was easily recognizable and clearly different from other insignia. The "signum" of the beneficiarii was shaped like the "beneficiarius lance", with a rounded tip and heart-shaped continuation. This outward symbol is well known and is also depicted on altars.

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Beneficiarius insignia, Römermuseum Obernburg
1 Beneficiarius insignia, Römermuseum Obernburg © Römermuseum Obernburg

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