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Model: potter's wheel

A potter's wheel has been erected based on W. Csysz's research. The wheel is not antique, but serves its purpose. The disc is attached to the rotating wheel that can be spun very quickly with the use of a rod. This is where the potter forms the clay.

The vessels created in this way were often decorated with wheels, stamps, or needles. The potter laid his wares on boards to dry.

Czysz-Endres 1988.

Reconstructed potters' wheels, Heimatmuseum Stockstadt
Experimental archaeology, turned vessels, Heimatmuseum Stockstadt
1 Reconstructed potters' wheels, Heimatmuseum Stockstadt © Heimatmuseum Stockstadt 2 Experimental archaeology, turned vessels, Heimatmuseum Stockstadt © Heimatmuseum Stockstadt

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