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Stone cutter’s double-pointed axe

The double-pointed axe was a universal tool for stone-breakers. It was useful to make the groovings and channels in which wedge-shaped holes were cut. In this way it was possible to break blocks of stone from the rock.

The axe was also used by masons, especially for rough cutting of the stone blocks. Traces of this work can be seen on many stone monuments, including the "Victoria column".

Both double-pointed axes came from the cohort fort Miltenberg-Altstadt

Stone cutter’s double-pointed axe: iron; length 26.0cm; width 6.7cm and 3.5cm, respectively. Double-pointed axe, dull ends: length 27.0cm, width 7.4cm and 3.7cm.

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Double-pointed axe, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg
1 Double-pointed axe, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg © Museum der Stadt Miltenberg

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