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Fortuna enthroned

The enthroned Fortuna is accompanied by two Eros figures carrying her attributes: the helm to steer through difficult situations and the cornucopia to bring all good things. Wheels next to the inscription refer to the ups and downs of fate.

The goddess of fate - "Dea Fortuna" - was also worshiped as the all-powerful goddess. She is portrayed here with her left foot on the globe.

The fact that the goddess of fate, as "Fortuna balnearis", was displayed in a bath may be related to the fact that she was prayed to for good health and also for victory in military skirmishes.

Fortuna was donated by the prefect Sempronius Martialis as fulfillment of his vow. The prefect is known from the inscription on the "Victoria column" that was placed at the southeastern exit of the fort in 231 AD.

Found in 1875 in the fort bath south of the cohort fort Miltenberg-Altstadt. The heads are missing on the c. 70cm. wide grouping of sandstone figures. A second Fortuna relief was also found in the bath.

Red sandstone; width 70cm, height 73cm, depth 30cm.

CSIR II/13, Nr. 216. Beckmann 2004, 200ff.

Figures around the reigning Fortuna, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg
1 Figures around the reigning Fortuna, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg © Museum der Stadt Miltenberg

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