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Mars statuette

Mars appears in a suit of armour with a cloak around his shoulders, equipped with a gladius on his left and a round shield with a pronounced boss. He probably held a lance at his right side - which is missing.

The back of the statuette is roughly cut, indicating that the statuette may have been displayed in a niche.

The c. 31cm tall statuette of grey-brown sandstone was found in the vicus of Fort Miltenberg-Altstadt at the level of the railroad tracks.

Grey-brown sandstone; height 31.5cm. Dating around 200 AD

CSIR II/13, Nr. 209. Neubert 2007, 74f.

Mars statuette, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg
1 Mars statuette, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg © Museum der Stadt Miltenberg

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