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Minerva relief

The relief of grey-brown sandstone shows the goddess Minerva standing. She leans her weight on an oval shield. Her attribute, an owl as symbol of cleverness, can be seen next to her head. The gesture of her right hand appears instructive and portrays her more as a goddess of teachers and students than as the goddess of war.

The depiction of Minerva was once built into the wall of a house and worshiped as Saint Wendelin.

Originally built into the wall of the house at Untere Walldürner Straße 18. Another Minerva relief was found in the vicus of the fort, at house 5, in 1878.

Sandstone; height 26cm, width 14cm. Dating from the second half of the 2nd century to the first half of the 3rd century.

CSIR II/13, Nr. 208

Relief of the goddess Minerva, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg
1 Relief of the goddess Minerva, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg © Museum der Stadt Miltenberg

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