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Victoria column

As early as 1875 the base and part of a column were discovered. They had been used as backfill below the medieval church. In the 1975 excavation the surprising find was made of a similar, well-preserved column that had collapsed into the V-shaped ditch in front of the porta principalis dextra.

The columns, over 2m high, were part of a victory monument. The text at the shaft is from Prefect C. Sempronius Martialis and dedicated to Victoria, goddess of victory. The column was probably crowned by a statue of the goddess.

Fort Miltenberg-Altstadt, near the western gate, excavation 1975 (B. Beckmann).

Column with a base of red sandstone. Height 2.32m, diameter 0.50m. Dating: between 231 and 234 AD.

CSIR II, 13, Nr. 210 und 211. Beckmann 2004, 195f.


Victoria column, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg

Lupa Nr. 6923

Victoria column, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg
Inscription on the victory column
1 Victoria column, Museum der Stadt Miltenberg © Museum der Stadt Miltenberg 2 Inscription on the victory column © Ubi Erat Lupa, Photo O. Harl, Wien

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