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A soldier's life in the barracks

A soldier's life was well organised, with each of his duties clearly listed in writing. Nevertheless, he did have free time for leisure activities.

Groups of 8 soldiers lived in each of the barrack's rooms, each with their own kitchen. We know from the waste pits that their nourishment was varied and plenty: bones from pigs, cows, poultry, and game have been found in the pits. Grains and dried legumes such as beans and peas belonged to the staple diet. Grains were ground in hand-held mills.

The "contubernium" consisted of two rooms. The front room housed equipment and provisions. The bedroom was behind this and featured a hearth and bunk beds.

Life in the barracks, Museum Bürgstadt
1 Life in the barracks, Museum Bürgstadt © Museum Bürgstadt

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