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Model Region Main Limes


Rome’s border at the Main runs along the Hessian-Bavarian sector of the river, between Großkrotzenburg and Miltenberg. Most of this area lies in Bavaria. The region, which was a part of the province Upper Germania, is well represented by Roman finds in museums. In particular, there are many historically, and archaeologically, valuable dedication altars of excellent quality. The stories told in the detailed inscriptions provide us with valuable insights to the Roman past.

Additionally, the fact that several forts and vici were not built over in modern times makes it possible to conduct research with geophysical prospection methods, for example at Wörth a.M., Klingenberg-Trennfurt, or Miltenberg-Ost. A comparable situation exists only in the central Raetian Limes section. The current state of research has been compiled in the catalogue of the special Munich exhibit, “Roms Grenze am Main” (2008). For these reasons, the Main Limes is actually a “model region” in which the Roman river frontier can be presented to the public through a comprehensive programme combining archaeological monuments and museums.

Illustration: Votive altar to Jupiter, Juno and Genius Loci.
Obernburg am Main, Römermuseum.

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